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Full-Time Permanent Resident Of The Villages

Retired Custom
Home Builder

Full-Time Permanent Resident Of The Villages

Retired Custom Home Builder

The conception of 352 Home Watch Services came from a Sunday family dinner table. Family members began discussing the different aspects of owning a Florida home as either a primary or secondary residence. Identifying the pitfalls of part time living, retirement traveling, and seasonal renting, all aspects of which different family members had experiences with. After identifying many unique homeowners needs and combining different family members career related experiences a family business was born. We developed four separate programs to meet the needs of multiple aspects of home ownerships. Our goal was to develop a full-service business to go beyond simply looking in on an unoccupied home once a week or month, but instead create full service maintenance programs to care for major homeowner investments. Our family cares for every home as if it was one of our own.

Keenan & Kristin Dixon


Keenan Dixon, the owner of 352 Home Watch Services, retired from his custom home building business in Tennessee to enjoy life as a permanent resident of The Villages, Florida. After relocating to the “Friendliest Hometown” and meeting new friends and neighbors, Keenan began identifying needs specific to Snow Bird homeowners and vacation rental homeowners. Keenan is well-versed in the needs and pitfalls of owning a home while residing in another state, as he’s been a rental homeowner in The Villages since January 2017. The experiences gained from managing all the unforeseen maintenance issues, as well as dealing with problems from rental tenants, have allowed Keenan to develop relationships with various area vendors, subcontractors, and suppliers. As an experienced custom home builder, he knew that his retired lifestyle would have to wait, as developing and implementing customized home watch services quickly became a passion for him. He plans to continue growing his unique home care business while making new connections along the way.

As an experience vacation rental property owner and representative for other clients Kristin Dixon brings an established background in the Vacation Rental Home industry.  Kristin developed a unique “Meet & Greet” arrival meeting with the Vacation Rental guest on behalf of the property owner.  While utilizing a customized “Home Info Book” (she creates for each home) Kristin gives a total overview of the homes features on behalf of the property owner.  She also gives each guest additional information on dining and entertainment exclusive to the area.  By utilizing these developed introduction techniques Kristin developed a higher renter return percentages.  Kristin has always enjoys playing the host representative for the property owners and developing friendships and repeat business with vacation renters.

Karrie Dulin

Business Coordinator

Karrie Dulin joined 352 Home Watch Services with a resume that included 34 years as a multi-family apartment manager, as well as, a multi-property regional manager. Karrie was able to develop a good rapport with her clients during her time as manager. A few of Ms. Dulin’s strong suits include implementing move-in policies, handling deposit refund walks, and maintaining honest relationships with vendors and suppliers. Karrie has earned various accolades for developing a 24-hour subcontractor program. Karrie’s experiences and knowledge made her a perfect fit for the role of business coordinator in 352 Home Watch.

Landry Dixon


As the Dixon family’s 5th child, Landry, like her four siblings, is working her way through college. While attending the University of Florida Landry is an active participant in the 352 Home Watch family business also. But dad says grades first!!

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